Herefordshire and Worcestershire are the centre of a very active carriage driving community.
With events and activities covering all aspects of carriage driving, including:
many rallys , shows large and small, competitions like treasure hunts and clipper rallies,
driving for the disabled, dressage, instruction & training, cones and much more.

BDS Hereford

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BDS Herefordshire and Worcestershire

The county of Worcestershire will be ‘looked after’ by the BDS Herefordshire team from now on. All members from all areas are always welcome to attend all our events and Worcestershire members have been joining us already. However we shall try to put on events a little closer to Worcestershire and would welcome suggestions for events or venues for training.

Kay, Roy, Jane and Mandy.


Llanteillo Drive

Llanteillo rally is on 13th Saturday not the 14th May as printed in the April Newsletter.

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