Cinderella Review

“I think we should do something different for Christmas next year” Kay said to Roy!

“I know” he replied ” We could do a pantomime”. Kay laughed and the conversation passed on to other things. fast forward a few days when Jane and Kay were having a chat ” Roy thinks we should do a pantomime in December 2017″ said Kay. ” Oh wow – yes lets, what a fabulous idea” says Jane!!!! 

That is how in December 2016 an idea became a reality.

On 30th December at Kings Equestrian Centre in Bromyard, Herefordshire a spectacle was produced that had to be seen to be believed.

Jane, Kay and Roy had put together a pantomime – loosely based on the story of Cinderella starring most of the Herefordshire members and their equines in some capacity.

Katy Williams our beautiful Cinders with her two Buttons (One her Shetland Pony the other Neville Jones) sobbed heartily when her Ugly Sisters sent her a text telling her they had burned her invite to the ball.  Stephen Pond as Stephanie and Kevin Webb as Antonia were accompanied  by the most wicked of all stepmothers the gorgeous Helen Manns.

The Fairy Godmother (Jane Friend) was spectacularly dressed with a wonderful winged carriage pulled by her Dartmoor pony Rosie. Jane had been responsible for most of the scriptwriting and had also persuaded her lovely daughter Alex to be our Narrator.

The Prince (Katya Jones) and Dandini (Tina LLoyd) were mounted on Roy’s two huge black Friesian cross mares and made a stirring entrance to a trumpet fanfare.

It is impossible to mention everyone who took part by name but some of the highlights of the show were provided by Kay and Bess, Pat Dutson and Rosie and Jane and her Rosie doing a musical drive to Footloose in Purple wearing red hats (As per the poem). Followed rapidly by Jane and Pat’s dance with the spotty dogs!!

Roy was on fine form as the worst chef anyone ever employed- ably assisted by Shaun his sous chef and Peter the Donkey with Tony the enormous turkey!

Roy was also our coachman and provided a spectacular (if somewhat late) coach for Cinders to go to the ball in.

Ernie the fastest milkman in the west was sung with gusto by the audience when Roy drove Peter in to the market scene (nearly taking off as they came over the step into the arena). Peter always performs with joy and enthusiasm and the audience loved it.

The cast of extras were wonderful providing us with bears, villagers, market traders and guests at the ball. All beautifully dressed and with ponies all suitably attired as well. The palace guards(Dan and Matt) who moved all the scenery in and out were smartly dressed in red and made sure the trees, columns and Kitchen scenery were where they should be.

Everyone had made so much effort and although we had only managed four part rehearsals it all came together surprisingly well.

A mention has to made of the Cinderella Coach cake made by Kevin Webb and raffled on the entry tickets, and to Robbie Burns and Bill Walton who provided special effects and music throughout the performance – mostly on time!!

With thanks to everyone who took part and who came to watch us. To all family members who were drafted in in some capacity to help, holding ponies,  dogs and donkeys – they were all magnificent and we really could not have done it without them. 

The weather was kind to us and it was dry and not too cold. The cafe kept everyone well fed and watered and the ponies and humans all behaved with enthusiasm and humour.

A wonderful experience – but we have all agreed only once every five years!

Kay Walton AC,  Roy Moore AAC and Jane Friend AAC  for the British Driving Society Herefordshire