Report frm the Intro to Carriage Driving Taster day- June 2017

Pics from our Taster day yesterday. 6 ‘Tasters’ and lovely weather made for a fun day with everyone having a go in the cones course. Many thanks to Pat Dutson and Jane Friend who joined Kay to give everyone who came the opportunity to see what Carriage driving is all about.

Report from Jane Friend.

Yet again Kay organised the weather at Castle Walton for the training day. The day was well attended by a lively group of enthusiastic newcomers who we will look forward to seeing more of as they progress with various projects. Besides covering the basic information about horses, harness, carriages, safety and much more besides we agreed that here in Hereford driving offered something for everyone.

I hope people will always keep asking questions and discussing their experiences as learning about carriage driving is an ongoing activity. Our Agility event in September was looked forward as a springboard for the young horse, the novice (horse and handler) and the “can we do it?” .

The day finished with the opportunity to have the carriage experience, wonderful Bess took great care of first time Whips while Charlie and Rosie brought smiles and laughter to both backsteppers and passengers as they negotiated cones.